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Amber Rose

Certified Consultant


My Story

While I always wanted to have fresh scents throughout my house, I never had been a fan of having a candle with an open flame - let's face it, what a fire hazard!  Not to mention a safety hazard with children and pets!  So when I came across Scentsy Fragrance, everything suddenly made "scents"! I sell Scentsy because I enjoy the variety of options, from Premium Warmers, Deluxe Warmers, Element Warmers, Lampshade Warmers, and Plug-In Warmers to Scent Paks, Travel Tins, Scent Circles, and the new Layers brand of lotions, body wash, body sprays and more! After being involved with Scentsy for just a few short months, I came to recognize how incredibly blessed I am to have such a great residual income - just from sharing products that I believe in and trust on a daily basis!  We all know how hard the economy and job market is at this time, and you never know when something will come about that requires just a little bit of extra money to keep your family afloat.  I am so proud to be a part of the Scentsy Family - and to have the amazing international team of Consultants that I do!  There's always room for more in our amazing family, so if you have been considering a part-time job, need a little bit of extra spending money, or even if you're looking for a full-time job replacement - this is the perfect opportunity for you!  Visit the "Join" tab on my site to learn more about starting your very own Scentsy business today! If you would like to show your friends and family just why Scentsy makes "scents", contact me to set up a party today!  I would love to share these great products with you and those you love!

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